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Level7 sau Secured?

Secured Hosting is a Level7 brand that offers web hosting services, internet security solutions and server management and maintenance. Level7 is privately held and it's located in Chisinau, republic of Moldova. Since 2006 Secured Hosting offered quality web hosting solutions for worldwide customers backed by world class support service and state of the art clustered hosting. Today we are the leading hosting company in the country offering many web hosting solutions and managed services. From personal hosting, business e-mail, load-balanced application hosting ending up with fully clustered environments with the highest uptime available on the market. Yes we love our job.

Our Team

What to say about our team? Well there is much to say. First of all we are all IT Geeks, we love Penguins, we drink Red Bull so we can defeat the "dark side". We are proud to be Novell, LPI, CCNA, CCNP certified specialists. We like what we are doing and we are doing it with love and passion. Our team is always ready to help with any trouble that might come up with our customers. We are in continuous search for talented people. We love all our customers, we even love the people that hate us, actually we don't know people that hate us but still, you will always have an answer to all your questions by choosing our company.